Zuru Tube Superstar



Zuru Tube Superstar gives your kids all the tools to create their own videos and vlogs

The Zuru Tube Superstar has been designed with the social media generation in mind, giving kids all the tools to make their own super cool videos and vlogs (that’s video blogs) and post them on social media, YouTube or just for fun.

No more figuring out how to video and post, the Zuru Tube Superstar does that all for you letting kids do their own unboxing, how to or other fun videos in one easy click.

Features :

  •  The Zuru Tube Superstar includes a App driven microphone with a smart holder so singing, talking or showing is easy to do whilst your phone does the video. Just point and video.
  • The microphone is driven by the free downloadable app which adds an awesome range of filters, effects and cool stickers to your finished video. Kids can 100% control the editing.
  • There are three fun modes kids can use :
    • Showdown mode, add cool filters and effects for a showdown video
    • How to mode, add cool filters and effects to your cooking, science experiment or art videos
    • Performance mode, adds cool filters and effects to your child’s performance video.
  • When finished the video and edit parts kids can post to YouTube or save onto the camera roll on their phone to share privately with friends and family.
  • Google Android and iPhone compatible.

Zuru Tube Superstar is the perfect kid friendly video accessory for your budding super stars.