Wobbly Worm Game



Wobbly Worm Game is a wibbly wobbly game perfect for pre-schoolers

Wobbly Worm Game is a simple game of skill but don’t be fooled by the fact that it looks easy because once this worm starts to wobble and wiggle all you will hear from your kids is lots of giggles. A super fun game that encourages team work, hand eye co-ordination and of course the most important lots of fun !

Features :

  • The Wobbly Worm Game is a super fun game where kids need to be the first to throw or place 3 rings over the top of the worm.
  • Sounds easy right ? Just wait until you see the loopy wiggle moves this worm can do to try and stop those rings from landing around its head.
  • A sturdy base wiggles and wobbles the worm in random directions.
  • Kids of all ages can play this game, for younger children there is a lower height setting and it moves up to 3 feet high as your children grow.
  • Younger children can stand closer to the work and place their rings as it wobbles past and older children stand back and toss the rings on, so everyone in the family can play this super fun game.
  • The Wobbly Worm Game requires 2 C batteries which are not included.


Wobbly Worm Game is simply awesome fun, you’ve got to be quick and you’ve got to be co-ordinated to get those rings over the wobbly worm before anyone else does.