Wahu Cricket Bat and Ball Set in Red Orange



This Wahu Cricket Bat and Ball Set features a red-orange coloured version, ideal for a quick round in your yard or at the park!

Inspire your child to enjoy your favourite sport too with the Wahu Cricket Bat and Ball Set! This set features a red-orange coloured lightweight cricket bat with a matching tough cricket ball – both made of high-quality PVC material to ensure that they can endure years of usage. And when summer sets in, your child can take it out for a round in your own yard or even at the park!


  • This set includes:
    • 1 Cricket Bat
    • 1 Cricket Ball
  • Made of high-quality PVC material.
  • The included cricket bat features a lightweight feel to let beginners play too!
  • Perfect for a quick game of French cricket in the yard or at the park.
  • Cricket Bat Length: 70cm
  • Also available in a green-coloured version.
  • Suitable for kids from ages 6 years and older.

Motivate your child to learn and love a new sport and make new memories this summer with the Wahu Cricket Bat and Ball Set in Red Orange!