Treasure X Ninja Dragon’s Sword Pack



Treasure X Ninja Dragon’s Sword Pack reveals a toy weapon and a surprise treasure and dragon for little ones to collect.

Can your kids unbox the ultimate gold-dipped treasure and the ultra-rare dragon? The Treasure X Ninja Dragon’s Sword Pack gives kids a fun surprise as they complete 12 Levels of Adventure to reveal their treasure and dragon.

The Treasure X Ninja Dragon’s Sword Pack introduces kids to the Land of the Ninja as they complete their unboxing experience to reveal their dragon. Each set comes with a random dragon, each with a unique sword, look and finishes. And if they’re lucky, they might get the Ultra Rare Dragon with Glow-in-the-Dark eyes!


  • This playset comes with a unique sword, surprise treasure, and a collectible dragon.
  • There are six dragons for kids to collect, such as the Light Spike Dragon, Wave Breaker Dragon, Emberback Dragon, Earth Viper Dragon, Shadow Flame Dragon, and the Chill Blaster Dragon (sold separately).
  • Kids need to complete 12 easy-to-follow steps to unbox their treasure and dragon.
  • The packaging turns into a stand to display your child’s dragon figure, sword, and treasure.
  • Engages kids in a fun, hands-on activity as they slice and chop their way in opening the box.
  • Dimensions: 9.6cm x 9.6cm x 18cm
  • Approximate Weight: 408 grams
  • Suitable for treasure hunters ages 5 years and up

Master the elements as kids collect all dragons with the Treasure X Ninja Dragon’s Sword Pack.

Please note that the price is for one item. The Treasure Pack is randomly chosen and may differ from images.