ThinkFun Lunar Landing



The ThinkFun Lunar Landing is a fun zero-gravity game of logic!

Designed by the classic Rush Hour game’s creators, the ThinkFun Lunar Lockout from the year 2000 is back with a new version called ThinkFun Lunar Landing. In this game, the player must find a way to go back to the ship’s emergency entry port with the 5 loyal helper-bots or be stranded in space for the rest of their life!

This new version of the game will keep the player engrossed in each thrilling moment to prove as to why it belongs to the ThinkFun’s All Star Logic Games collection!


  • The ThinkFun Lunar Landing includes:
    •  40 Challenge Cards and Solutions
    • 6 Explorers (1 Shuttle + 5 Helper Bots)
    • 1 Landing Grid Instructions
  • Get help from the Helper-Bots to find your way back to the Shuttle’s Emergency Entry Port to avoid getting stranded in space forever.
  • Originally known as “ThinkFun Lunar Lockout” from the year 2000.
  • Suitable for ages 8 years and up.

Let your child find out why the fun game from the year 2000 is back by allowing them to play with an exciting round of ThinkFun Lunar Landing!