The Wiggles Emma Opposites Cards Game



Wiggles Emma Opposite Cards are a perfect gift for your little Wiggles fan

The Wiggles Emma Opposite Cards feature 24 extra thick cards that depict images of your favorite wiggles characters and other Wiggly items in opposite situations, your child will have a great time learning the opposite meaning and matching the cards.

The Wiggles Emma Opposite Cards game fantastic educational game that brings out all the fun of The Wiggles


  • The Wiggles Emma Opposite Cards Game includes 24 mix and match opposite images for your child to match.
  • Great fun and an educational game.
  • The Wiggles Emma Opposite Cards Game is an official Wiggles licensed product
  • Recommended age: 3 years and up

Give your little Wiggles fan the fun and educational Emma Opposite Cards Game for hours of fun.