The Lion King Sticker Book Treasury



Disney’s The Lion King Sticker Book Treasury sets your children to an adventure with the brave Simba and friends!

Play is significant to healthy brain development. It is through play that children at a young age learn to engage and interact with the world around them. Play and learn with this sticker book that is perfect at any time of the day.

Let your child join Simba, Nala, and other animals in the kingdom of animals. This sticker book allows your children to enhance their reading and fine motor skills as they traverse into the Pride Lands that the animals protect. This sticker book contains the story of Lion King and your child’s favourite characters.

This sticker book lets your children traverse into the world of animals while being able to enhance fine motor skills by using their hands to play with the stickers as they read along with the story. The sticker book offers fun and simple activities that your children would love to play!


  • The Lion King Sticker Book Treasury sticker book includes:
    • Over 350-reusable stickers
    • An engaging and fun-filled story
    • Fun and simple activities
    • Colourful illustrations
  • Portable
  • Enhances fine motor skills
  • This product measures: 9.5cm x 12.25cm x 8.27cm

Explore the world of animals and make learning fun and exciting with Disney’s The Lion King Sticker Book Treasury.