Sylvanian Families Fruit Wagon



Sylvanian Families Fruit Wagon is perfect for Sylvanians who like to stay healthy

Just what Sylvania needs and what the mother wants their children to eat – yummy fruit.  This super cute Sylvanian Families Fruit Wagon is laden with fresh yummy fruit ready to be sold to Sylvanians. A cute stand-up blackboard advertises the fruit of the day and fruit can also be displayed in the stand along with fruit boxes, or nicely arranged in the display area of the wagon. 


  • Moveable wheels, a protective canopy and removable display boxes give kids loads of options to play.
  • You can weigh the fruit for customers on the included scale.
  • This set includes scale, scale basket, sign, a bunch of bananas, apples, oranges, lemon, pear, melon, a bunch of raspberries, a bunch of blueberries plus more accessories. Figures are not included.

This Sylvanian Families Fruit Wagon in bright colours is a lovely and fun addition to any Sylvanian Families collection.