Sylvanian Families Country Dentist Set



Complete your child’s town with the Sylvanian Families Country Dentist Set that includes a resident dentist figure and accessories.

Children may be scared of going to the dentist, but the Sylvanians are ready to help. The Sylvanian Families Country Dentist Set includes Milk Rabbit father in a dentist uniform, prepared to assure young children that there’s nothing to be scared of. It also comes with a cute pink and white dental treatment chair, along with a table and chair for the resident dentist.

This Sylvanians Families Set brings fun through creative roleplay. Kids can imagine their favourite character having a dental check-up complete with toothbrushes, cups, bottles, and treatment tools. Now your child’s Sylvanians can flaunt their pearly whites and make sure none fall out. Complement this set with the Country Doctor (sold separately) to complete your little one’s medical team.


  • Sylvanian Families Country Dentist Set comes with 15 accessories including:
    • Alex the Milk Rabbit Father wearing a dental uniform
    • 1 dental treatment chair
    • 1 table
    • 1 chair
    • 2 bottles
    • 2 cups
    • 2 toothbrushes
    • 1 mask
    • 1 pliers
    • 1 mirror
    • 4 treatment tools
    • 1 apron
  • The figure can move her arms, legs and head to make different poses.
  • High-quality plastic materials with careful attention to detail
  • Great for stimulating your child’s imagination through roleplay
  • Recommended for kids ages 3+ years
  • Expand the set with the Sylvanian Families Town Series (sold separately)
  • Dimensions (Package): 20 x 5.5 x 15 cm

Turn your child’s Country Clinic into a dentist office by adding the Sylvanian Families Country Dentist Set.