Super Charged Science



Super Charged Science reveals unexpected facts and fun trivia that parents and children will enjoy reading.

Discover surprising facts and awesome ideas that will make learning about science more fun. Super Charged Science is full of unexpected trivia that will spark the curiosity of readers of all ages, from learning that the periodic table started as a card game to finding out which planet scientists thought had ears.

Super Charged Science combines eye-opening facts with humorous anecdotes and a modern illustration style for a delightful learning experience for the whole family. This page-turner is truly a scientific gem that deserves a spot in your bookshelf.


  • Super Charged Science contains interesting facts, trivia, anecdotes and illustrations about famous scientists and their ground-breaking discoveries.
  • STEM reference book supplements school learning and is a wonderful reference educational resource.
  • Written by Lisa Regan
  • Paperback format, 128 pages
  • Suitable for young scientists ages 8 years and up
  • Dimensions: 28.0 × 22.5 × 1.0 cm

Flip the pages of Super Charged Science and uncover exciting facts and unexpected discoveries.