Stuffaloons Celebrations Large Refill Pack



Stuffaloons Celebrations Large Refill Pack features 16 balloons, 20 mini balloons, ribbons, clips and more fillings and display accessories!

Don’t let the fun stop because there aren’t enough balloons to keep the party going because the Stuffaloons Celebrations Large Refill Pack is here! This refill pack unboxes to 15 clear and 1 coloured balloons, stuffing like mini balloons, curly ribbons, sparkles and more as well as 6 clips that are totally reusable plus display cones and pompoms. As long as your child already has the Maker Station (sold separately) on-hand, the Stuffaloons Celebrations Large Refill Pack can prolong the fun and creativity that your child and their guests will surely be having!


  • The Stuffaloons Celebrations Large Refill Pack includes:
    • 15 Clear Balloons
    • 1 Coloured Balloon
    • 6 Reusable Clips
    • 4 Display Cones
    • 3 Curly Ribbons
    • 3 Confetti
    • 2 Sparkles
    • 20 Mini Balloons
    • 1 Sticker Sheet
    • 20 Pompoms
  • This set is made to be used with the Maker Station (not included) and is not recommended to be used separately.
  • Just let your child attach their balloon into the Maker Station’s domed chamber, pump to inflate, select an assortment of fillings, seal the balloon with the reusable clips then show their work!
  • Perfect for special occasions.
  • The Maker Station, other fillings and other refill packs can be purchased separately.
  • No batteries required. 
  • Suitable for kids from ages 8 years and older.

Keep the fun and balloon-stuffing going all day long with the Stuffaloons Celebrations Large Refill Pack!