SciShow Extreme Physics



The SciShow Extreme Physics is a super-cool physics kit for 9 fascinating experiments just like on Hank Green’s SciShow!

Allow your young Isaac Newton to discover how amazing physics is with the SciShow Extreme Physics! This kit will give hands-on-loving kids plenty of entertainment as they explore some fascinating tricks that physics can do. This kit comes with 9 STEM-inspired experiments that let kids launch beads out of a cup, “weave” popsicle sticks in a pattern that lets them fly into the air, learn about the force of movement and more! It even comes with videos for each experiment to help your child learn how to do the activity and the reason why it works.

Using Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths or STEM, SciShow helps children learn how to love and know the importance of science in a simple and engaging way by relating it to their interests like physics-based concepts, letting them follow the procedures and experiment with the materials provided.


  • The SciShow Extreme Physics is an experiment kit that includes:
    • 50 Coloured Popsicle Sticks
    • 1 Magic Hex Pendulum
    • 1 Plastic Cup
    • 1 Thread of Coloured Beads (20ft)
    • 1 Bag of Gravity Goo Powder (10g)
  • Lets kids learn how cool physics can be with 9 experiments!
  • Inspired by Hank Green’s SciShow from YouTube.
  • Each experiment comes with its very own video for instructions on how and why the activity works.
  • Helps children learn science using the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) concept.
  • Product Dimensions: 26.5cm × 23cm × 6.5cm
  • Suitable for kids from 6 years and older.

Urge your child to delve into physics by inciting new discoveries with the SciShow Extreme Physics!