Schleich Bayala Lykos, Nugur and Piuh Toy Figures



Introduce kids to other fun and lovable Bayala characters through the Schleich Lykos, Nugur and Piuh toy figures.

Wolf Lykos, dragon baby Nugur and raccoon Piuh are characters introduced in the Bayala movie. These unlikely friends have become close through many adventures and are commonly seen playing in the flower fields of the kingdom.

Collect these three delightful creatures through the Schleich Lykos Nugur and Piuh. Each piece is intricately detailed to inspired hours of creative play. Nugur is seen wearing an eggshell, Piuh is nibbling his catch, and Lykos lovingly watches over them. They’re ready for new adventures with your child!


  • Schleich Lykos Nugur and Piuh is a 3-piece set that includes:
    • 1 x Lykos
    • 1 x Piuh
    • 1 x Nugur
  • Each toy figure and accessory crafted with close attention to detail and intricately painted to offer educational value even at playtime.
  • Created for imaginative pretend play as a single set or as part of other Schleich collections
  • Made with high-quality materials that pass international safety standards
  • Expand the magical set with other Schleich Bayala creatures such as the Movie Ophira and Munyn or Movie Marween with Nugur and Piuh (both sold separately)
  • Suitable for kids ages 5+ years
  • Dimensions (Figure): 15.5 x 8.2 x 18 cm

Bring home three awesome animal friends when you get the Schleich Lykos, Nugur and Piuh toy figures.