Polly Pocket Big Pocket World Sweet Treat



Give your child all kinds of doll fun and surprises with Polly Pocket Big Pocket World Sweet Treat

With Polly Pocket World, big adventures can come from small things. And the best part of it all? Your little girl can take it with her wherever she goes. With different themes and lots of surprises waiting to be revealed, she will have a world of fun right in the palm of her hands. 

This sweet treats and music-inspired Polly Pocket Big Pocket World Sweet Treat is great for imaginative and creative play. It’s tiny but mighty when it comes to all the fun your child deserves!

Features : 

  • This cupcake-shaped compact comes with micro Polly and Shani dolls and other accessories
  • Comes with a kitchen and a fridge door that opens 
  • In the cafe, lift the table up to reveal a performance stage area where Polly can perform with a microphone
  • Watch Polly move to the groove when you place her on the stage
  • Dolls can also jump on their delivery scooter and zip away to deliver their sweet treats
  • For kids age 4 onwards

Let your kids enjoy sweet adventures with this Polly Pocket Big Pocket World Sweet Treat.