Playzone-Fit Wack-a-Tag



Playzone-Fit Wack-a-Tag features 3 pop-up pieces with suction cups for individual play or up to 3 kids for competitions!

Get your child moving with the Playzone-Fit Wack-a-Tag! This toy can be played by children as young as 18 months old and grows up along with them. It comes with 3 pop-up pieces with suction cups that allow each piece to stay down from 3 to 5 seconds. This helps younger kids practise their hand-eye coordination as they enjoy popping the pieces up. Each piece can be placed farther apart to encourage active play and even allows kids to invite their friends to compete with them!


  • The Playzone-Fit Wak-a-Tag comes with 3 pop-up pieces with suction cups.
  • Helps build hand-eye coordination whilst encouraging active play.
  • Can be played indoors or outdoors individually or by 2 to 3 kids.
  • Package Dimensions: 43.2cm x 17.2cm x 12.6cm
  • Suitable for kids from 18 months and older.

Encourage your child to enjoy an active playtime filled with fun whilst developing their hand-eye coordination with the Playzone-Fit Wack-a-Tag!