Play Doh Firetruck Toy Vehicle



Play-Doh Firetruck is a toy vehicle with accessories, 1 can of water-building compound and 4 cans of classic compound for kids to create their fire rescue stories.

Kids will love making and putting out pretend fires with their Play-Doh Firetruck Toy Vehicle. This fire-fighting toy has moulds that allow children to make badges, fire hydrants and more! Kids can also squeeze hoses and use rail accessory to create their own fire-fighting stories.

The Play Doh Firetruck Toy Vehicle comes with a special water compound, which features swirls of blue that looks exactly like water. Aside from this special mix, the playset has four more fun colours that kids can use in their creations. It’s the perfect gift for kids who love arts and crafts, firetrucks and hands-on activities.


  • This Play-Doh playset includes a firetruck toy, rail, 2 accessories, 1 special water compound and 4 cans of modelling compound.
  • Each can has 2 oz. of Play-Doh modeling compound..
  • Kids can make firefighter badges, fire hydrants and other items with the moulds.
  • Non-toxic materials for worry-free play.
  • Play-Doh sets are suited for boys and girls who like pretend play.
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  • Dimensions: 6.7 cm x 20.3 cm x 21.6 cm
  • Suitable for toddlers ages 3 years and up

The Play-Doh Tractor brings a creative arts and crafts twist to fire and rescue themed toy vehicles and playsets.