PlanToys Wautomobile in Red



PlanToys Wautomobile in Red is an eco-friendly toy vehicle with a coloured liquid in a vial that moves as kids play.

Play with light, liquid, and colour at the same time with the PlanToys Wautomobile. The Wautomobile is a unique addition to your child’s toy chest with its semi-circular shape and sealed coloured water. Kids get to zoom the car around and watch the liquid wobble with different motions. It also comes in blue and yellow, which they can line up next to each other for learning about colours.

The PlanToys Wautomobile is an educational toy which helps bring awareness to sustainable craftsmanship to every home. It’s made waste-free with rubberwood, nontoxic glue, and organic dyes ensuring child safety with every play. Its curved structure is thoughtfully constructed to fit your child’s small hands for hours of comfortable play.


  • Eco Friendly and sustainable with safe and durable materials such as rubberwood, non-formaldehyde glue, and organic pigments
  • Thoughtfully constructed to fit comfortably on small hands
  • Educational tool in teaching about light, colours, and liquids
  • Sparks environmental awareness, social interaction, creativity
  • Comes in three blue and yellow (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 8.5 cm
  • Suitable for tiny car enthusiasts ages 18 months+

Teach your child the wonders of light and colour through imaginative play with PlanToys Wautomobile in Red.