Peter Rabbit Stuck On Stories



Peter Rabbit Movie: Stuck On Stories brings your children’s imagination to come to life!

Peter Rabbit Movie: Stuck On Stories is everything your children need to create an adventure-filed day. This 2-in-1 book and toy set allows engaging and fun activities that your children can play with family and friends. Ignite their imagination as they recreate story scenes or come up with their own adventure stories with the toy suction cups of Peter Rabbit, Mopsy, Flopsy, and their other favourite characters of this Beatrix Potter classic tale.


  • Peter Rabbit Movie: Stuck On Stories contains 10 fun pages to improve your children’s motor skills, imaginative play, sensory and language development.
  • This activity book is sturdy in its hardback format, which your children can use for a long time.
  • Peter Rabbit Movie: Stuck On Stories features a storybook, board game, and 10 suction cup character toys to keep your children busy and engaged.
  • You can bring this anywhere as this 2-in-1 portable activity set only measures 4 × 20.4 × 4.1 cm. It allows your children to either have indoor or outdoor fun.
  • Recommended for Ages 3 years and up.

Encourage your children to be imaginative, creative, and be great storytellers with Peter Rabbit Movie: Stuck On Stories!