Orchard Toys Shopping List Game



Orchard Toys Shopping List Game is an award-winning shopping game for kids

The Shopping List Game by Orchard Toys is an award-winning game that has children matching their shopping to their shopping list, plus they need to remember where they’re item is on the board.

Teacher approved and super popular for children from the age of 3  to 7 years the Shopping List Game Game by Orchard Toys also has 2 Booster Packs which will extend play : Shopping List Fruit & Vegetables and Shopping List Booster – Clothes.


  • This awesome game challenges children to read or recognise the pictures on their shopping list, then turn over item cards to reveal what is on the card, if it matches they place it in their trolley.
  • The Shopping List Game by Orchard Toys includes :
    • 2 shopping trolleys
    • 2 shopping baskets
    • 4 shopping lists
    • 32 item cards
    • 1 instruction leaflet

    A great fun game, this Shopping List Game is easily played by the whole family and has a strong educational concept at its base.