Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Red Sheep Toy Figure



Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Red Sheep Toy Figure comes with 2 papercraft blocks and an accessory for recreating action scenes from the video game.

Red Sheep is one of Minecraft’s common passive mobs. It offers wool and mutton. This adorable sheep with red wool is often found in many of the parts of the game’s grassy biomes.

With the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Red Sheep Action Figure, kids can create their own adventures in the offline world. This character has the game’s signature pixelated design, making it great for display and play. The action figure also has movable joints to accommodate different poses.


  • Minecraft toy figure measures 8.26 cm and has authentic in-game details for an immersive play.
  • Set includes 2 papercraft blocks and a character accessory
  • Articulated parts make it great for play and display.
  • Collect other figures from the Caves and Cliffs Series that include Vindicator, Bees, Piglin, Muddy Pig, and Red Sheep
  • The toy figure includes an in-game code that gives the owner a free Minecraft Goat Cloak for their character in Minecraft.
  • Suitable for Minecraft fans ages 6 years and above

Expand your child’s Minecraft World with the Red Sheep figure.