Mapping the Planets Kids Book



Mapping the Planets is a 192-paged fully-illustrated and coloured hardback book that features the extensive history of planetary exploration

Fascinate your young NASA fan by letting them explore space with the Mapping the Planets Kids Book! This hardcover book comes with 192 pages that reveal the broad history of planetary exploration. It covers everything that ranges fro Ancient Babylonian’s charting up to the movement of Venus, to the discovery made by Galileo of Saturn’s moons through a telescope and so much more.

Each history is followed by maps, illustrations, paintings and high-quality images to show how the mapping of objects in the solar system has been significant to scientific discovery, making Mapping the Planets Kids Book a perfect gift for map lovers and space fans!


  • The Mapping the Planets Kids Book opens up to 192 pages filled with information, illustrations, photography and paintings, authored by Anne Rooney.
  • Covers topics that include the earth’s and other planets within our Solar System’s exploration using historic and modern mapping; how radar, lidar and spectroscopy are significant in the modern planetary cartography; how to map non-planetary objects like moons, asteroids and comets; and the discovery of exoplanets.
  • Made for map lovers and space fans.
  • Product Dimensions: 22.5cm × 28cm × 0.2cm
  • Suitable for kids from 8 years and older.

Support your child’s love for maps and the Outerspace when you let them get engrossed with the pages of the Mapping the Planets Kids Book!