Lynx 400 Pictures Game



Test your reaction skills with this epic rapid-fire board game, Lynx!

With over 400 pictures in this set alone, this game is a high-octane pressure test of your eyesight and razor-sharp reaction times. Be the first to spot images on the board and claim victory over your opponents! This unique game will be sure to inspire intense and fun-filled rivalries for games at a time and is a great game for the entire family. 

Educa Borras is a producer of toys with a dual purpose in that they serve as an outrageously fun time, but also serve to incite cognitive development and learning. With a suite of well-known games such as Lynx, this company is well known for iconically entertaining and educational experiences for your child, that can be enjoyed by the entire family. 


  • Includes a playing board, 400 pieces, 18 colour cards and a free app to expand the game experience to the virtual field.
  • Box doubles as a compact storage unit
  • Suitable for ages 6 years old onwards

This is a unique game that is known to test a wide range of cognitive skills whilst inspiring excitement and fierce competition. Have hours of family fun with this high-octane game from Educa Borras.