LOL Surprise Doll – Series 1 Wave 4 – Big Sister



LOL Surprise Doll –  Series 1 Wave 4 – Big Sister is a May 2018 release

LOL Surprise Collectible Dolls are super fun, combining the fun of not knowing who is hiding inside your LOL Surprise Ball, it could be any of the individual dolls to collect in Series One, and the fun of unwrapping each layer individually. The LOL Surprise Ball is about the size of a large adult palm, with seven layers to unwrap. As you unwrap each layer you reveal the contents of that layer – it’s like Pass the Parcel without it needing to be your birthday !

This range is the official Series 1 Wave 4 Doll collection which includes the full re-release of all Series 1 LOL Dolls.

Features :

  • Receive your very special LOL Surprise Ball and once your ready start by pulling the tab which will split the top packaging layer, but don’t do it too fast as there’s something in there for you !
  • There are seven layers in all which reveal the following:
    • Secret Message
    • Collectable Stickers
    • Water Bottle
    • Shoes
    • Outfit
    • Accessory
    • and finally your Collectible Doll !
  • Your LOL Suprise Doll will be one of the many collectable dolls available in Series One, add water to her for an extra surprise.
  • LOL Collectible Dolls in Series One all have different personalities and there are some Rare and Ultra-Rare Dolls.
  • Please note that this is a re-release of Series 1 and some differences may occur.


Collect all your favourite LOL Surprise Dolls and have an LOL Surprise Party at home.