Kindi Kids Kindi Fun Doctor Bag Playset



Kindi Kids Kindi Fun Doctor Bag Playset makes role-playing games stylishly adorable for your little physician.

This doctor’s bag is so pink and playful that your little girl will want to take it anywhere she goes. It comes with 4 Shopkin accessories that are both cute and interactive to use. Turn the sparkly unicorn horn to open it, and you’ll find the friendliest tools to help your child perform check-ups on her Kindi Kids, friends and even family too!

Your mini-MD will have a blast taking temperatures, checking heartbeats, helping heal ouchies and giving shots using the Press ‘n’ Play Syringe. And when she’s done making her patients feel better, she can reward them with stickers for their good behaviour. The doctor bag playset isn’t just hours of fun and engaging for your little one. It also helps them develop their fine-motor skills and healthy habits, like going to the doctor.


  • The Kindi Kids Kindi Fun Doctor Bag Playset is an 8-piece kit that contains:
    • 1 x Doctor Bag
    • 1 x Stethoscope
    • 4 x Shopkins Accessories
    • 1 x Printed Fabric Bandage
    • 1 x Sticker Sheet
  • Kindi Kids Kindi Fun Doctor Bag Playset has everything a mini-MD needs for her house calls: interactive medical tools in the cutest colours and a handy dandy unicorn purse
  • Turn the sparkly unicorn horn to unlock the doctor bag
  • Time to check your Kindi Kid’s temperature using the Push Down & See Thermometer
  • If they’re not feeling so great, give them a shot using the Press ‘n’ Play syringe
  • Check healthy hearts using the Shopkins Stethoscope
  • Then, patch the ouchies with the Shopkins Scissors and Shopkins Bandage
  • When it’s time to go home, send Kindi Kids smiling with Shopkin Stickers
  • Age suitable for 3 years and over
  • Product Dimensions: 17.3 x 20.6 x11.2 cm

Bring the Kindi Kids Kindi Fun Doctor Bag Playset home today and let her creativity take over.