Jurassic World Roar Attack Baryonyx Chaos Dinosaur Figure



The Jurassic World antagonist comes to life in this impressive Jurassic World Roar Attack Baryonyx Chaos Figure that roars and moves!

Chaos, the Baryonyx, is characterized by a blue and grey complexion, as seen in this realistic dinosaur figure. Inspired by the Jurassic World animated series Camp Cretaceous, the Baryonyx toy figure has all the features for a realistic roleplay. It has a unique strike action where it moves attacks using its strong jaws.

Jurassic World Roar Attack Baryonyx Chaos is battle-ready with fierce sounds in its arsenal. It has three sound levels that activate with the strike feature and builds up to an intense roar. With this impressive toy figure, kids can make their own stories or relive moments from the show.


  • The Jurassic World Roar Attack Baryonyx Chaos Dinosaur figure has a gradient blue and grey skin, impressive sculpting and posable joints.
  • Attack feature on its jaw.
  • Three levels of sound that builds up to a mighty roar.
  • Download the Jurassic World Facts app, scan your dinosaur to bring it to life and see amazing interactive features.
  • Also available in Allosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and Ceratosaurus
  • Approx. Dimensions: 7 x 26 x 17 cm
  • Suitable for dinosaur lovers, ages 4+ years

Prepare for an intense dinosaur battle as the Baryonyx Chaos faces off with other creatures from the Jurassic World Roar Attack series.