Jurassic World Mega Destroyers Carcharodontosaurus Figure



Jurassic World Mega Destroyers Carcharodontosaurus Figure is posed for battle with its cool attack features and articulated joints.

Ready kids for plenty of excitement and adventure as they go deep into the breathtaking world of dinosaurs. The Carcharodontosaurus figure replicates the large and fearsome hunter from the Jurassic World Series, complete with an attack feature at the jaw for battling and breaking out of restraints. It is also inspired by Camp Cretaceous, a popular animated series from Netflix.

Watch as kids pose this dino figure for action, battle and play with its movable joints. With realistic details, sculpting and painting, it delivers immersive playtime while still making it an authentic decoration. It’s the perfect gift for toddlers who enjoy Jurassic World, Camp Cretaceous, dinosaurs and action play.


  • This pack contains one dinosaur figure with articulated joints and ferocious attack features.
  • Beautifully detailed with sculpting and painting to make it look like the dinosaur from the show.
  • Mega Destroyers Dinosaur Figures are larger-sized carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs with advanced attack and “break out” features for an action-packed roleplay experience.
  • Dino figures are based on the dinosaurs seen in Jurassic World’s Camp Cretaceous on Netflix.
  • Download the Jurassic World Facts app on iOS and Android for more dinosaur fun for kids. The app allows kids to scan their dinosaur figure and watch it come to life with unique details, fun facts and sounds.
  • Animal figure measures 10.16 cm x 17.78 cm.
  • Great for kids ages 3+ and above

Make dinosaur play more exciting with the Jurassic World Mega Destroyers Carcharodontosaurus Figure.