Jurassic World Dual Attack Parasaurolophus



Jurassic World Dual Attack Parasaurolophus makes dinosaur action come alive! 

Let your young dinosaur fans get into a whole new level of battle play with this Jurassic World Dual Attack action figure that has a dual-button activation for fierce battle action iconic to each respective species. Kids can push the button in the front or at the back and watch the fierce dinosaur do striking moves. For double fun and excitement, they can even press both buttons at the same time! Inspired by the Jurassic World movie, kids will be impressed with this toy’s sculpting, authentic colour and realistic appearance. 

Features : 

  • This medium-sized Jurassic World Dual Attack Parasaurolophus action figure is made of plastic and has realistic sculpting, texture and colour
  • Comes with dual-button activation to get the battle action going for frighteningly fierce moves
  • Back button makes the tail strike
  • Front button makes the head strike
  • Holding both buttons at once for dual tail and head-striking action
  • Perfect for collecting and recreating epic scenes from the movie
  • Comes with a cool Dino Rivals™ collector card detailing its key battle stats and attributes
  • Kids can also download the Jurassic World Facts app from Play Store and App Store to scan and watch each dinosaur come to life, learn attack facts, compare stats and more
  • For children age 4 and above

Let your kids double the fun and action with this Jurassic World Dual Attack Parasaurolophus.