Intex Giant Bellows Foot Pump



Intex Giant Bellows Foot Pump is a heavy-duty 30cm pump with three nozzles.

Inflate airbeds, inflatable pools and your children’s toys with the Intex Giant Bellows Foot Pump. This heavy-duty 30cm pump has an accordion hose with three different nozzles to fit small to large air valves. And with hi-volume airflow, you can inflate or deflate. This handy pump requires no electricity, simple foot motion. Merely change the airflow direction to add or remove air.

Use the small pinch valve for small inflatable swim rings and floats. The large pinch valve is perfect for larger swim rings, and the Boston valve is ideal for beds, boats and rafts.


  • Quickly inflates and deflates airbeds, toys and other inflatables
  • Three interconnecting nozzles fit small, medium and large valves
  • All-purpose pump for all your needs
  • No need for electricity
  • To inflate or deflate, just change the airflow direction
  • High-volume airflow
  • Made of durable materials
  • Easy to use, and is stable on the ground
  • Convenient to collapse and store, which makes it great for camps
  • Size: 12 inches or 30 cm
  • Recommended Age: 3+ years old

Have one minimalist, easy-to-use pump for all your inflatables with the Intex Giant Bellows Foot Pump.