I Dig Monsters Mystery Popsicle Pack



I Dig Monsters Mystery Popsicle Pack is a fun toy, filled with spine-tingling reveals for ASMR fans!

If you’re a parent who still doesn’t know about ASMR then here’s what you should know: ASMR or “autonomous sensory meridian response” is a calming (often sedative) tingly sensation that starts on the scalp that moves down the body. The all-new I Dig… Monsters bring just about that with all of the surprises that they come with!

These collectable figures come inside a popsicle stick that needs to be opened up. Your child can then proceed to slice, grating and peeling their way through the smooth, cool, wet and jelly-like popsicle until they find Monji! With 28 trendy Monji looks to look for from this season with heaps of different styles and special finishes plus an awesome colour-change surprise, no AMSR fan will be able to resist adding it to their collection!


  • I Dig Monsters Mystery Popsicle Pack includes:
    • 1 Popsicle Vessel
    • 2 Popsicle Stick Tools
    • 1 Monji Figure in Water Wax
    • 2 Shape Cutters
    • 1 Collector’s guide
  • Just open the Popsicle Vessel, slice, grate and peel until you find Monji.
  • Perfect for ASMR fans!
  • Collect all 28 Monji looks for the ultimate Monji party (each sold separately).
  • Also available in giant purple-coloured plush “Treats” version  (sold separately).
  • Suitable for kids from ages 5 years and older.

Urge your young ASMR fan to enjoy the real deal in a real-world setting by letting them play with I Dig Monsters Mystery Popsicle Pack!