How The World Works Periodic Table



How The World Works Periodic Table showcases stories of different elements, the people who discovered them, and how they affect us.

Help young learners understand the nature and composition of matter. How The World Works is a comprehensive guide that delves deep in the history of elements, including the individuals who recognised, named and classified them.

This reference book is full of information on the milestone of the development of chemistry, dating back from the Ancient Roman plumbing to the establishment of the periodic law. Written by Anne Rooney,  it speaks to the readers in a straightforward and comprehensible way, making it an excellent book for learners ages 12 and up.


  • How The World Works Periodic Table traces the discoveries and experiments related to elements all around us.
  • Written by Anne Rooney
  • Paperback format, 208 pages
  • Suitable for ages 12 years and up
  • Dimensions: 22.8 × 16.5 × 1.5 cm

Purchase How The World Works Periodic Table and discover amazing facts about the elements that surround us.