Harry Potter Charms Showbag



The Harry Potter Charms Showbag comes with magical trinkets and surprises for your little one to use on the daily!

Delight your little witch or wizard in-the-making by surprising them with the Harry Potter Charms Showbag! This showbag opens up to a bunch of items that they can use at home or at school. It includes a duffle bag, a pair of Harry-inspired round-framed glasses, a surprise character keyring, a badge set, a handy notebook, a set of pencils with toppers and a pencil case to store them in, a sticker book, temporary tattoos and a non-woven tote bag to store them all in, making the Harry Potter Charms Showbag a wonderful gift to your aspiring Hogwarts student.


  • Each Harry Potter Charms Showbag comes with adorable cartoon Harry Potter-themed items including:
    • 1 Duffle Bag
    • 1 Pair of Round-Framed Glasses
    • 1 Surprise Character Keyring
    • 1 Badge Set
    • 1 Notebook
    • 1 Pencil Set with Toppers
    • 1 Pencil Case
    • 1 Tin Case
    • 1 Sticker Book
    • 1 Pack of Temporary Tattoos
    • 1 Non-Woven Toe Bag
  • The perfect gift idea for Harry Potter fans.
  • Product Dimensions: 38cm × 14cm × 40cm
  • Suitable for kids from 3 years and older.

Allow your child to take the magic wherever they go with the Harry Potter Charms Showbag.