Googly Eyes Showdown Game



Googly Eyes Showdown Game is an intense game that challenges your vision and leaves you googling for more!

Can you get your team to figure out what you are drawing before the time runs out? Stay set to go wild and zany with Googly Eyes Showdown! This is an exciting battle that challenges your vision and will leave you googling for more. The glasses come with six sets of lenses, varying from minor to mind-blowing adjustments, thus, the goggles make it challenging for everyone to see and draw straight.

Goliath Games is a producer of high octane and exciting board games that are fun for the entire gang! A family business opened in the 1980s that has produced products such as Googly Eyes and Gator Golf, Goliath Games is an iconic brand that is renowned for challenge and entertainment that lasts for hours and never gets old. You’re in good hands with Goliath. 


  • Googly Eye Showdown comes complete with over 162 challenges and all the equipment you need to play them
  • Exciting box doubles as a compact storage unit
  • For 4-16 players 
  • Suitable for ages 7+

This iconic game is a surefire hit for the entire family and will test people of all ages in their visual skills. Challenge up to 16 friends for an epic showdown battle!