Gigo Brown Pony in Light Pink Handbag



Gigo Brown Pony in Light Pink Handbag comes with a fluffy pony friend and a comb that your child can bring along to their destination!

Gigo makes high quality, yet affordable toys for kids from 3 years and older. The Gigo Pony range features super-soft ponies that can star in your child’s favourite pony scenes or cuddle with when it’s time to sleep. This brown pony comes inside a full child-sized light pink fluffy handbag which kids can use to transport their favourite pony friend, or as a handbag to take other toys.

Features :

  • Each Gigo Pony is made from super-soft fur with a bridle.
  • This brown pony comes with a white mane and tail and wears a cute pink bridle.
  • It comes inside a fluffy pink handbag and includes a blue comb.
  • Pony measures approximately 24cm long and 18cm tall.
  • Suitable for kids from ages 3 years and older.

Encourage your child to combine fashion and fun when you let them take the Gigo Brown Pony in Light Pink Handbag wherever they go!