Game of Nasty Things



Game of Nasty Things is a hilarious game for older teenagers

Get your family and friends together for the hilarious game of Nasty Things.

You’re going to be laughing out loud at some very inappropriate jokes and ideas so from the outset please be aware this game is suitable for teenagers over the age of 17 years, there is adult content in this game, so please choose carefully.

The Game of Nasty Things, is best played in a group, where everyone writes down their responses to the wildly inappropriate, or downright nasty suggestion on the card. Then all the responses go in the middle and are read out with hilarious results.


  • Included in the Game of Nasty Things is :
    • Inappropriate situation cards
    • Answer pads
    • Pencils
    • Instructions
  • Everyone is a winner in this game with hours of hilarious play involved, but the person with the best answer wins. 

Get your friends together for an awesome game of Game of Nasty Things.