Fly Wheels 2-Pack S1 Street Wheel Style



Hit the streets with this extreme edition of the world-famous Fly Wheels 

Kick it and rip it with this all-new street version of the flywheel. Employ your creativity to hit the highest speeds and biggest jumps for hours of guaranteed fun!

Flywheels are an all-new brand, focused on their suite of ripcord racing toys. The only limit to fun with this product is how hard you rip it!

Features : 

  • Perfect for any conditions that demand street-worthy stunt gear
  • Hits speeds of up to 320 kph, and heights exceeding 9 metres
  • Use your creativity to get the most out of this set from Fly wheels
  • Suitable for ages 8+

This Fly Wheels street set is perfect for any on-road racing, challenge your friends to see who can pull off the top-speeds. Suitable for anywhere that permits extreme speed.