Explore STEM Deluxe Kit – My Perfume Making Lab



STEM is everywhere! Introduce your young one to the wide world of scientific exploration with this My Perfume Making Lab from Explore STEM. 

A perfect introduction to the fun and thought-provoking world of STEM, this Perfume Making Lab allows your child to build their own suite of fragrances whilst also learning the theory behind it in an engaging and interactive manner. A perfect product for any inquisitive minds who love a good challenge, this STEM Deluxe Kit will set them on a pathway defined only by their creativity, curiosity and love of learning. 

Explore is a creator of awesome kits focused on the world of STEM. Committed to combining fun and practical activities with learning and introductory science, their products are renowned for both entertainment and education. 


  • Create your own collection of fragrances, and be limited only by your imagination!
  • A variety of fragrances as well as glycerine and other essential ingredients included
  • Box doubles as a storage case
  • Suitable for ages 6+ 

The world is becoming more STEM orientated and will become a huge part of the lives of this generation. Introduce your child to its wonders and skills early with this My Perfume Making Lab from Explore STEM.