Elite Troops Military Weapon Playset



Elite Troops Military Weapon Playset is a 13-piece set complete with a helmet, mask, weapons and lots of accessories.

Kids who are into law enforcement and the military will love the Elite Troops Military Weapon Playset. This expansive set includes a helmet, mask, pistol with holster, sword, machine gun, hand grenade, walkie talkie, watch, whistle, compass, and a chief badge. It’s the perfect playset for kids to explore their dream of becoming a part of the military with lots of accessories to play with.

Featuring realistic weapons and tools for imaginary missions and stealth operations, the Elite Troops Military Weapon Playset is a fantastic addition to your child’s playtime. It even doubles as a costume for plays, Halloween and the holidays.


  • The 13-piece set includes:
    • Helmet
    • Mask
    • Pistol with Holster
    • Machine Gun
    • Sword
    • Walkie Talkie
    • Hand Grenade
    • Watch
    • Compass
    • Whistle
    • Chief Badge
  • Multiple accessories for exciting playtimes ahead
  • Endless hours of pretend play fun as kids imagine doing important missions
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Great for dress-up and plays
  • Suitable for kids, ages 3+ years onwards

The Elite Troops Military Weapon Playset has lots of accessories for exciting combat missions and active, imaginative play at home.