DC Comics Superman Wonder Woman Vol 2



DC Comics Superman Wonder Woman Vol 2 is another chockful of action comic brought to the DC fans by one of their favourite superhero tandems.

After battling with Doctor Doom, another Smallville threat lurks inside Doomsday’s virus-infected Superman. The plague has also affected his village and has started to crawl through the Metropolis. Slowly becoming a destructive monster, Wonder Woman believes that there is still a way for her to save the Last Son of Krypton. Can she prove herself right? Ultimately, she would need to make a crucial move that would forever affect their lives.

An all-star creative team including writer Charles Soule, and artist Tony S. Daniel, gathered to devise a new collection piece for the ultimate DC follower. Showcasing great artwork and story, it is an important part of the DC Universe that Superman and Wonder Woman fans shouldn’t miss.


  • DC Comics Superman Wonder Woman Vol 2 brings bright, brilliant colours for an incredible comic reading experience.
  • Includes a powerhouse roster of some of the most iconic DC superheroes of all time
  • Collects Superman/Wonder Woman #8-12 and Annual #1, plus Superman/Wonder Woman: Future’s End #1 and Wonder Woman: Futures End #2.
  • Get 224 pages about the action-packed series

DC Comics Superman Wonder Woman Vol 2 showcases one of the biggest conflicts in the world of our superheroes that is definitely worth witnessing.