DC Comics Superman Sacrifice



DC Comics Superman Sacrifice showcases an integral graphic novel with a focal story that would change Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship forever. 

After Max Lord took over Superman’s mind, the man of steel has completely lost it. Finding themselves on opposite sides, Superman and Wonder battle it out to and tear apart the world around them. Everything is in Wonder Woman’s hands, and her decisions and actions would pave the way for the bestselling graphic novel epic Infinite Crisis. 

Critically acclaimed writer dropped the bomb to DC fans’ surprise as he wrote a tale that would change Superman and Wonder Woman’s lives forever. Readers would realize the power of the writers and illustrators in this superb and unforgettable masterpiece that marked an important history in the DC universe.


  • DC Comics Superman Sacrifice boasts a courageous storyline and a crisis more prominent than what DC fans have witnessed in the past comic series.
  • Features astounding writing and illustration that involves some of the most iconic DC superheroes.
  • Brings DC fans 192 pages of absolute entertainment
  • Collects Superman 218-220, Adventures of Superman #642-643, Action Comics #829 and Wonder Woman #219-220.

DC Comics Superman Sacrifice is a chock-full of action chapter with vital character decisions and turning points that forever made a mark in the lives of our superheroes.