DC Comics SuperMan Golden Age Vol 2



DC Comics Superman Golden Age Vol 2 presents readers with a more unorthodox superhero who occasionally bends the law to capture criminals. It provides a slightly different take on Superman, which is unlike the goodie two shoes Superman we are used to.

Readers will witness Superman’s battle against the first villain Ultra-Humanite, and the rise of mad scientist Lex Luthor. There are so many firsts in this volume, such as the debut of Daily Planet editor Perry White, how Superman first soar over tall buildings, and a lot more.

Comic legends Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were at the beginning of their exploration and expansion of Superman, who quickly became a fan favourite. So much is happening on every page, that readers won’t notice the time passing by as they read through this classic comic.


  • DC Comics Superman Golden Age Vol 2 is a classic creation that will introduce the origins of the Man of Tomorrow to the younger generation of fans.
  • Collects the adventures from Action Comics #20-31, Superman #4-7 and New York World’s Fair Comics #2
  • Brilliant illustration, clear text, brand new condition
  • Paperback, 408 pages of awesome DC entertainment
  • Suitable for 12 years old onwards.

DC Comics Superman Golden Age Vol 2 is another comic material for those who are looking for golden age greatness. A classic tale worth to be in a DC fan’s collection.