DC Comics Harley Quinn Night and Day



DC Comics Harley Quinn: Night and Day provide a perfect mix of action, adventure, and fun as Harley Quinn gets fed up with crime and decides to switch sides. 

As a result of the events from the first volume, Harley Quinn has ended her ties with the joker and starts her own gang. Things become complicated for her as she destroys the Gotham villains theme park. Now, every criminal element known to the Dark Knight is after her, including and most especially Killer Croc.

This second Harley Quinn collection is filled to the brim with surprises. Readers would find themselves surprised with some unexpected in-depth parts, as they get to know more about the lighter and funnier side of Harley Queen.


  • DC Comics Harley Quinn Night and Day is a highly recommended comic book for fans of Harley Quinn, who are in for a treat as the story delves deeper into her personality.
  • A sudden decision to switch sides led to this action-adventure involving some of the Dark Knight’s enemies and other bad guys of Gotham City
  • Paperback, 192 pages of crazy entertainment
  • Collects Harley Quinn #8-13 & Harley Quinn: Our Worlds At War #1

DC Comics Harley Quinn Night and Day comic book proves to be an excellent read for those who find themselves entertained by a resident funny psychopath.