DC Comics Aquaman and the Others Volume 2



DC Comics Aquaman and the Others Volume 2 rejoins his old squad as they solve the mystery brought by a new villain team composed of members who are just as powerful as they are!

The Others team consists of Operative, Ya’Wara, Prisoner-of-War, and Vostok-X. They were Aquaman’s first team before he met the Justice League. Now that they’re pitted against another powerful band of villains who call themselves Mayhem, the King of Atlantis and his group must put aside their issues. All to avoid defeat as their opponents use their past to threaten their lives in the present.

Writer Dan Jurgens (Booster Gold), who is also the main force behind The Death of Superman, puts together another suspenseful saga for Aquaman fans and the rest of the DC universe who longs for him. Readers will enjoy the fun moments and a new set of powerful villains such as KGBeast and NKVDemon.


  • DC Comics Aquaman and the Others Volume 2 is a nostalgic material every Aquaman and the Others fans would love!
  • Featuring a new adventure, a strong villain group, while trying to resolve personal vendettas, fans are in for a chock-full of suspense and action
  • Contains 176 pages of DC comic entertainment
  • Collects Aquaman and the Others #6-11, Aquaman: Futures End #1, and Aquaman and the Others: Futures End #1

Aquaman and the Others 2 proves as an exciting and suspense-filled installment for all fans of the King of Atlantis.