CollectA Prehistoric World Deinotherium Toy Figure



The Deinotherium Animal Figure from CollectA is an ultimate must-have for kids who love to collect toy elephants.

The Deinotherium is a massive, extinct relative of modern-day elephants that existed in the Middle Miocene until the Early Pleistocene period. It is larger than living elephants and has curved tusks that are pointed downwards for stripping bark and branches from trees. It also protruded from the tip of the lower jaw as compared to the skull from its descendants.

CollectA brings you a factually accurate depiction of this prehistoric animal with the help of experts around the globe. Artists masterfully hand-painted the creature to life in reference to scientific references available. Let your child’s imagination fly with the wonderful world of elephants.


  • The CollectA Prehistoric Life Deluxe 1:20 Scale Deinotherium Animal Figure accurately captures the animal as it tends to let out a terrifying scream in the wild
  • Expertly hand-painted and sculpted to model the Deinotherium’s actual features
  • Made with high quality, safe, phthalate-free, and lead-free materials
  • Part of CollectA’s Prehistoric Life set along with the Woolly Mammoth, Arsinoitherium, Megacerops, and more
  • Raises your child’s awareness of extinct species
  • Suitable for imaginative play, dioramas, display projects, decor, and gift
  • Dimensions: 23 x 11 cm
  • Designed for kids 3 years old and above

Introduce your children to the animals of the past with the CollectA Prehistoric Life Deluxe 1:20 Scale Deinotherium Animal Figure!