CODE Rover Control Game by ThinkFun



Build your child’s coding skills in a fun way with this ThinkFun Code: Rover Control Game

This Rover Control Game is a STEM board game that’s great for kids to learn programming principles through fun game play. Designed for a unique, unplugged game experience, this allow kids to get a grasp of the concept of coding through the different challenges they will encounter without a computer. 

Kids are sure to love navigating through the pathways of the map that the Rover will go around to complete its mission using logical reasoning, spational reasoning and planning skills. 

Features : 

  • 4 Terrain Maps
  • Booklet with 40 Challenges
  • 3 Erasable Markers
  • 7 Station Tokens
  • 4 Start and End Tokens
  • Sample Storage Card
  • Solution Booklet
  • Improves logic and problem-solving skills
  • With easy-to-follow instructions
  • For 1 player
  • Recommended for kids age 8 years and above

Take your kids to an exciting board game that lets them learn the basics of programming that’s far from boring.