Chameleon Party Game



Chameleon Party Game is a fun game of deduction

Chameleons are great at blending in, in each round one player is the secret Chameleon – are you good enough to blend it without the other players discovering you are the Chameleon ?

This fun game is perfect for parties, family get-togethers and game afternoons with friends.


  • So this is how this game goes – each round has a Chameleon and a Secret Word.
  • If you are the Chameleon then your mission is to blend in whilst playing the game to make sure no other players figure out you know the Secret Word and are the Chameleon.
  • If you are hunting the Chameleon then your mission is to find out the Secret Word and expose the Chameleon.
  • The Chameleon Game has won multiple Game awards and is super fun for players from 14 years old.

 Play the Chameleon Party Game with your friends.