Care Bears Unlock The Magic Share Bear Medium Plush



Care Bears Unlock The Magic Share Bear is a 35 cm medium plush that features the selfless lavender bear with a lollipop badge on her belly.

Share Bear is the master of sharing. She has lollipops on her belly because she thinks sharing is such a treat. This friendly bear would even give up her favourite things just to make someone happy.

The Care Bears is a popular 80’s brand of huggable friendly bears who share adventures of caring and sharing. Kids can find a sweet, selfless friend in this Share Bear Medium Plush Toy. The soft and cuddly stuffed toy is prepared for lots of hugs and snuggles!


  • Share Bear measures 35 cm and is ready for lots of cuddles.
  • This iconic Care Bear comes in her lavender fur with a belly designed with lollipops.
  • Super soft fur that kids will love!
  • Made of high-quality and long-lasting plush
  • Collect other Care Bear characters such as Cheer Bear, Thanks a Lot Bear, Best Friend Bear, and True Heart Bear
  • Suitable for kids ages 3+ months

Teach kids the value of sharing with this Care Bears Unlock The Magic Share Bear Medium Plush.