Build The T-Rex Book and Kit



Build The T-Rex Book and Kit is your child’s companion in the world of dinosaurs!

Teaching your children about dinosaurs provides a way of talking to young children about all scientific ideas and showing how things like biology and geochemistry can come together. Spark conversation with your young ones as they enjoy building a dinosaur while reading interesting facts!

Let your children discover the wonders in the world of dinosaurs as they read and build their dinosaurs with the help of the 49 pieces that they can put together to make a 3D dinosaur! This activity kit will take your kids back to the Mesozoic area as they discover the mysterious age of the dinosaurs! 

Learning while having fun is made possible with this activity kit that offers colourful illustrations, fascinating facts about dinosaurs, and everything your child needs to build a T.Rex of their own. Sounds fun! The pieces are ready to assemble at home or even when you are outside. Create a one-of-a-kind experience for your child!


  • Build The T-Rex Book and Kit include:
    • A sturdy board book
    • 32-page filled with fun facts and colourful illustrations
    • Vibrant images
    • 49-slotted pieces to build a three-dimensional dinosaur
  • A choice for gifts and collections
  • This product measures: 7.5cm x 1.3cm x 14,25cm
  • Suitable for children ages 6-years old and above

Spark the creativity within your child as they build their dinosaurs while reading facts about them! Let your child enjoy a dino-mite adventure with Build The T-Rex Book and Kit.