Bubble Guppies My Busy Books



Bubble Guppies My Busy Books takes your children to a whole new adventure under the sea!

Children learn more about life, the world around them, and themselves through different stories they hear and read. Reading to a child encourages communication, curiosity, and ignites the imagination. Let your child explore the world under the sea through this storybook and toy in just one kit!

Keep your child busy by engaging in a fun-filled storybook and toy all in just one activity kit! This board book contains colourful illustrations on every page, an exciting story, toy figurines, and a giant playmat that will bring their favourite characters to life!

Learning while reading can also be fun and exciting! Let your child play and learn along with Gil, Molly, Deema, and other bubble guppies in a fun-filled under the sea adventure.


  • Bubble Guppies My Busy Books includes:
    • A sturdy board book
    • Colourful images
    • Engaging story
    • 12-toy figurines
    • Giant playmat
    • Figurines and playmat stored in the book
  • Portable and easy-to-use
  • Develops essentials skills
  • This product measures: 8cm x 10cm
  • Suitable for children ages 3 years old and up

Play while reading works! Ignite your child’s imagination and enhance fine motor skills through Bubble Guppies My Busy Books.