Blue Opal Draughts Game



Blue Opal Draughts Game is a simple and straightforward game meant for friends and family bonding.

The Draughts Game is another exciting board game your kids will love. Let your kids develop social skills while enjoying playing with family and friends. The game is made fun and straightforward. Each player will take turns in moving their coloured piece. The goal is to take off your opponent’s draught piece by hopping diagonally on the checked board. The first to knock all opponents piece or renders them unable to move wins.

Draughts Game is another classic board game from Blue Opal. It is a most-loved board game that has been in international competitions. It is lightweight that makes it easy to bring along while travelling—a great addition to your family collection of board games—a perfect gift for your little kids and young at hearts.


  • Blue Opal Draughts Game fro two includes
    • 1 high-quality board
    • 16 black and white draught pieces
  • The box size is approximately 38 x 19 x 4 cm.
  • Product Code: BL01801
  • It is suitable for kids ages 6 years old and up.

Buy the product and help your kids early learning stages with this classic Blue Opal Draught Game.