Best Loved Poems



Best Loved Poems by John Boyes is a precious collection of worthwhile poems for everyone who loves a piece of classic literature.

When this book opens, words fly. The Best Loved Poems compiles diverse poems thoughtfully selected and sorted into themed sections. Such knowledge shared in this book surrounds the realm of reality and life experience. 

Be prepared to fall in love, have a date with death, enjoy the spirit of youth, embrace the ripe old age, be one with nature, imagine blissful travels, and relish all kinds of humour. Best Love Poems got the best and the good, the hilarious and the heartbreaking, plus everything that falls in the middle.


  • The Best Loved Poems book is a perfect companion with your morning coffee and the afternoon tea
  • Content divided into sections so readers can easily search for poems to read based on their mood
  • Contains 672 pages of carefully select poems
  • Dimensions: 23.4 × 16.6 × 3.9 cm
  • Suitable for ages 14 years old to adult.
  • Author: John Boyes
  • Format: Hardback

Best Loved Poems is where you can get the best poetry pieces that are truly worthy of your time.